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Review #1
From: Diane Grover
Date: May 19, 2008 1:56:28 AM HST
To: Brady Barrows

Please see the attached.

Thank you!

Christiane Northrup Inc.

"Rosacea 101 is the most comprehensive guide to rosacea control available. If you suffer from rosacea, you’re sure to find help here.”

Christiane Northrup, MD, author of Mother-Daughter Wisdom (Bantam, 2005), The Wisdom of Menopause (Bantam, revised 2006), and Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom (Bantam, revised 2006)

Review #2
From: Steve Johnson, MD
Subject: Book!
Date: October 31, 2007 2:50:35 PM HST
To: Brady Barrows

Dear Brady,

I got your book in the mail today and I am so impressed! One of my patients let his numbing cream wear off he was so engrossed with it. I put it out in the waiting room coffee table as the center piece. Excellent, excellent job!! Thanks for all your tireless work and extreme dedication.

Dr Steve Johnson
Tennessee Laser and Skin Rejuvenation

Review #3

t was my good fortune to have the opportunity to review the book, Rosacea 101, by Brady Barrows. I enjoyed the exhaustive nature of this work, the author's obvious passion for identifying effective solutions (perhaps rooted in the fact that he is afflicted by this disease), his willingness to 'take on' controversial areas and the strong emphasis on diet and rosacea. It is difficult to design an adequate blinded study to determine if dietary intervention in rosacea is truly effective. Until such a study is performed, it is logical for patients to perform the personal dietary trials recommended by the author in an effort to develop a truly effective long term diet regimen that meets each individual's needs. This is a useful adjunct to the treatment of rosacea with topical and systemic drugs. Many patients will find that reading this book provides the knowledge that will help them take control of their disease.

Robert T. Brodell, M.D.
Professor of Internal Medicine
Dermatology Section
Clinical Professor of Dermatopathology in Pathology
Master Teacher
Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine
Rootstown, Ohio

Review #4

From: Joel T. Bamford, M.D.
Subject: Review
Date: January 18, 2008 12:31:13 PM HST
To: Brady Barrows

My apologies for my impression/commentary on your fine book.
Finally going through 80% of it on a trip, I realize there are at least half of the references I should keep in mind. It gives a very thorough and detailed listing of theories with quotes and the references. I will be putting it, starting Monday, on my InformationForRosaceans, after visit for consultation.

If I had your energy I would have dated the references within the text and discussed them in chronologic order. With that method, I think you would conclude, with me that HP not important as cause of rosacea. I'm mainly bothered by keeping a dead idea open - some things have to be resolved. I am biased to think that HPylori is done, complete. Of course that is my opinion.

Best wishes with your marketing of this new compendium of information. I have just finished "How Doctors Think", and I was appreciative of the new patient. Knowing all you can before you see a doctor, you will do best when the doctor and you listen to each other.

Joel T. Bamford, M.D.

Review #5

From: "Alicehaddow"
To: bradybarrows
Sent: Monday, January 14, 2008 12:05:29 PM
Subject: Review cut and pasted into email

In the two decades during which I have suffered with rosacea, I have learned far more from my fellow rosaceans than from any medical professional. Brady Barrows' new book, Rosacea 101, underscores the significance of that fact. Mr. Barrows aptly emphasizes the need for a correct medical diagnosis, along with the importance of maintaining a good relationship with medical professionals who can assist the patient in managing rosacea. Nonetheless, this is a 373-page book that rosaceans who sincerely wish to control their condition will want to devour.

Rosacea 101 is well researched, providing information on every imaginable
aspect of rosacea. Mr. Barrows provides not only background information
on the disease, but he also provides specifics regarding a multitude of
suggested treatments. He offers guidelines on large numbers of currently
available rosacea products and provides fully detailed suggestions for a
proper rosacea diet. These details constitute the tip of the iceberg, given
that Rosacea 101 covers a plethora of topics related to the subject matter of rosacea.

Despite the complicated subject matter, the book remains extremely readable and an invaluable resource for any rosacean. The sheer thoroughness of the book remains unmatched in the world of laymen's publications on the topic and could prove priceless for rosaceans who no doubt depend on this kind of support to give them true power over their rosacea. Many thanks to Brady for his excellent work.

Review #6

Mon Oct 22, 2007
Aloha Brady

I just finished your Rosacea 101 book and enjoyed it very much.

It is a very thorough compilation on everything about rosacea.
People who have rosacea should find it greatly helpful.
Open-minded healthcare professionals also would benefit from reading Rosacea 101.

I especially liked all your links pertaining to the topics you wrote about. I find personal anecdotes very illuminating.

Thanks so much for taking all the time and energy to do this project. It will be much appreciated by the rosacea community by both newcomers and oldtimers.

All the best,
Forum Moderator
The Rosacea Forum

Review #7

Rosacea 101 is a massive undertaking that compiles an extensive overview of proposed causes of rosacea as well as a wide array of approaches to managing or even curing rosacea. The book contains lots of references, including online references and polls, for continued learning, research, and dialogue. Rosacea 101 is well organized and cleanly formatted, so it's easy for patients to read and understand, while at the same time being a valuable resource for health professionals.

Author Brady Barrows prominently features his Rosacea Diet, with omnivore and vegetarian versions, and does a good job psyching people up to feel that they can actually give the diet a fair trial for a month, that it IS do-able, and they can pick up their old ways at the end of a month, if they are still so inclined. As an added bonus, many people will find they also lose weight on the Rosacea Diet.

I found the mention of cathelicidin to be most intriguing, as playing a role in rosacea and other diseases. I see cathelicidin not as a cause but more as another marker of inflammation, part of a larger process, and a reminder that in rosacea's visible inflammation we have an outward sign that the body has intelligence and is trying hard to do its job, possibly fighting one or more infections....

Carol Willis • Read Carol's Full Review

Review #8

From: lakan
To: Brady Barrows
Posted: Wed Oct 31, 2007 6:08 pm
Subject: Very interesting book!

Hey there Brady. I have read many of the chapters in your new book now and i gotta say it's some very interesting stuff. I've learned some new things and developed a different view on some aspects of rosacea. I like your whole style of writing too, you go quite deep about certain things but still keep it understandable for the avarage layman-person, good work.

I discovered there were some words left out of some sentences but nothing major and also i think you have a quite negative view on Accutane which in my opinion isn't really fair against the Accutane. I do agree that it is indeed a very powerful and serious medication/treatment but i thought your take on Accutane was a bit too negative... Just my opinion.

Overall, I personally think you did a great work with the book and i really, really appreciate the free access you gave me!

Have a great day!
/lakan (member: The Rosacea Forum)

Review #9

From: "Octavia Mackey"
To: brady barrows
Subject: review of 101
Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2007 22:49:52 -0500
Dear Brady,

Sorry this is so late – life sometime catches up with me.

Your book is amazing.
Your analytic approach to controlling Rosacea is well thought-out, yet written so that it is understandable for the average person.

As we all, trying to research Rosacea can be over whelming. But, armed with Rosacea 101, a patient can have detailed information at their fingertips.

I firmly believe that each and every dermatologist should have a copy in every exam room.
Keep up the good work.
Thank you.

Review #10

From: SandyEggo2
Sent: Sunday, December 16, 2007 12:13:54 PM
Subject: Review of your book

Hi, Brady--

It was a privilege and so inspirational to read your new book. I was riveted. Not only do you "understand," you have done such fine study as to possible causes of and helps to ameliorate rosacea (and, specifically, ocular rosacea).

You seem to be a great blend of scientist and compassionate sufferer. You've learned and now share so much, yet you empower we readers and those of your web network to do our own trials (of diet and products, etc.---while considering each our own genetics and histories and current personal experience). Your encouragement to have others apply your findings (especially the low carb diet with supplements) and to report on what has worked well personally-----it's so very positive, progressive...and inspiring.

I feel like I am now more than a hapless victim/patient/confused consumer after reading your book. Your diet recommendations especially have made a drastic change in my skin, my eyes, my PERSONALITY, my weight (!) hope! I still "color outside the lines" at times...and then I'm back "into the red." With adjustments, I can be back on track quicker each time.

Sure, I can bemoan my having this condition and the deprivations in food and drink, but I'm believing this regimen also helps quality of life beyond the rosacea. Lessening inflammation in food and lifestyle seems to be a focus in many other afflictions--and also in optimizing life for everyone.
I applaud you, Brady. You offer amazing research and applications and hope in your book.
Anne Eggertsen

Review #11

From: jennfran
To: Brady Barrows
Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2008 2:50 am
Subject: Re: Rosacea 101 ebook

*I thank you so much* for sending me your book. I cannot believe the info in this book. I actually feel so much better, I feel like I can control this. I am acutally not that much worried about what is going to happen to my face as I was, I am still worried but you know what I mean. The info about the creams and cosmetics I really liked, but what I liked most was the diet. I am going to do this diet and I will give it my all, I need to shed a few pounds I put on anyway.. There is so much info that I decided I need and want to go buy the book. I saw that it was at Barnes and Noble so I am going on Tuesday to buy this.

I saw the video of you on YouTube, I cannot believe how wonderful your skin looks. If you dont mind can you tell me what subtype you are? I am also now wondering about mites, that was very interesting. I am also going to try one of the creams you recommend in your book, it is between two but not sure which one. I also wanted to ask you, if I do not have acne rosacea can I still try these creams?

Thank you soooo much for the boost and thank you sooo much for writing this book. God Bless You....Jenn

Review #12

From: Paula Peterson
To: Brady Barrows
Sent: Monday, January 21, 2008
Subject: Re: Rosacea 101 review

I have finally finished your Rosacea 101 book. I found many helpful items pertaining to rosacea noted throughout the chapters. Your personal case experience with rosacea was informational. Additionally, it would have been nice to have passages pertaining to other sufferers of rosacea and their outcomes pertaining to the different treatment options and dietary changes.

The products you used were a bit off of the beaten track, but you did outline other websites utilizing other more conventional products--which again was helpful.

All in all, I think you did a remarkable job and it will be a good reference point along with other articles and books for those of us suffering with rosacea.

Thank you for allowing me to read it.

Paula Peterson
Charlottesville, VA

Review #13

From: cashisclay
Subject: My review of the Rosacea 101 ebook
Date: December 22, 2007
To: brady barrows

This was a fantastic read. I consider myself well versed on rosacea, but your ebook had many ideas that I never knew before. This is a book that everyone that suffers from rosacea should have and read. Many doctors just don't know much about rosacea and how to treat it, but I believe if they read this book it would focus some attention on how terrible rosacea is and what they can do to help. I plan on going on The Rosacea Diet next month and will try your recommended regimen.
Thanks Brady.

Review #14

From: greg Carroll
To: Brady Barrows
Sent: Monday, November 26, 2007 10:54:03 AM
Subject: Re: book review

For those of us that have Rosacea, it's a very debilitating, frustrating and illusive disease to understand. Recently, I read Brady Barrows' "Rosacea 101" book and found it to be very
illuminating and comprehensive in both the description and analysis of Rosacea.

Rosacea 101, is a very proactive book in the war against Rosacea, it's profound insights offer Rosaceans incredible information for understanding Rosacea, theories on what causes Rosacea, current information on treatments, cosmetic alternatives and natural
approaches to controlling the disease.

The premise of the book follows Brady's first book "The Rosacea Diet" and also gives additional information on how diet affects the"Rosacea Engine".

Brady's Rosacea 101 takes the "Rosacea Diet" book further in it's approach to controlling Rosacea and describes in depth (analysis) how diet is such an important factor in the control of Rosacea.

His diet plan incorporates sample daily menu's and suggestions on what to stay away from eating. His chapters on "Fat vs Sugar", "Sugars to Avoid","Sugars and Rosacea" and "Rosacea Diet" are exceptionally good. The chapters lend themselves to just how a diet which is high in sugars and carbohydrates (high glycemic
index foods) impacts the Rosacea disease.

I found the recommended resources given in the book tremendous.Books like "Sugar Busters" by Leighton Steward ,Another book I discovered while doing reasearch that I found most helpful is called"Sugar Shock" by Connie Bennett. The information in "Sugar Shock" is most helpful to those that are suffering from skin problems and other health problems.

Regardless of what approach you take to treat your Rosacea, reputable information in understanding Rosacea is paramount. No matter what theory you believe or which you figure causes Rosacea ,be it, a yeast overgrowth theory or dust mites, bacteria or some other, ultimately the control of Rosacea lies with understanding the disease and the effect diet has on it.

From years of my own personal research, in my own humble opinion Rosacea is caused by a multiple of factors over a period of time.

1/ A persons emotional well being, ie. : do you suffer anxiety? tension, nervousness, on-going emotional stress

2/A persons long term exposure to environmental stimuli, ie.: Radiation from the sun ( VEGF synthesis), cold temperature, heat exposure, chemicals, pollution, allergens and certain cosmetic ingredients, ie. : alcohols.

3/A persons genetic background. ie:celtic origin..does your family have a susceptibilty to Rosacea?

4/A person who has a high glycemic indexed food diet. ie: eating high sugars and carbohydrate foods over a prolonged period of time.(sugar /carbohydrate metabolism) (a high sugar diet has a supressive effect on the immune system as well as does radiation from the sun.)

Secondary factors involved with Rosacea may be a bacterial component, ie: a dust mite bacteria, microbes, heliobacter pylori or even some undiscovered bacteria.

Current information out of the University of San Diego from research done by a team headed by Dr. Richard Gallo discovered overproduction of a protein peptide that the immune system uses to fight off microbes called "cathelicidins" causes inflamation in the skin matrix. Rosaceans have an incredibly high number of these protein peptides in their skin.

What causes this high number of protein peptides ? bacteria? microbes? or other?

Recently , an article from " Alive Magazine" postulates that a high glycemic diet has a huge effect on acne. A diet link was established by reaserch done (December 2002, Archives of Dermatology) that predicates that high glycemic foods can cause a spike in a persons blood sugar ,causing a cascade of changes in hormonal balance ,resulting in increased sebum production and
in turn acne.

I personally cannot say for sure what causes acne/Rosacea but I can say that over the years I have tried many many different treatments with antibiotics,laser treatments , natural supplements and chinese medicine. I have found that Bradys "Rosacea 101 " offered a simple method to controlling Rosacea. I advocate to any Rosacean to read his book and discover for yourself the impact a "Rosacea Diet" can have to control your Rosacea.

Greg Carroll

Review #15

From: Mike Caparrelli
Subject: RE: Aloha
Date: December 17, 2008 7:48:25 AM HST
To: brady

Two weeks ago, I recieved a copy of Rosacea 101: Includes the Rosacea Diet. I was instantly impressed withe the comprehensive coverage of the disease, and captivated by the theory behind the diet. I started the diet two weeks ago, and here is thus far what I have discovered:

Week 1 - Rosacea flared up worst than it has ever been. I believe that my body may have been purging from the sugar and carbs (I ate more sugar and carbs than most people), and in the process of purging, everything that's stored comes to the surface. That's what I suppose.

Week 2 - My rosacea has improved 50% better than it has ever been since a couple of years ago.

From: Mike Caparrelli
Subject: RE: Aloha
Date: January 1, 2009 3:01:47 PM HST
To: brady

Aloha Brady,

Here is the remaining part of my review. I must thank you for your help which has proven to be highly effective.

Four weeks ago, I recieved a copy of the Roseaca 101, and immediatley implemented a few of its suggestions such as the Rosacea diet, certain vitamins and practical tips. A review of the third and fourth week of the plan are listed.

Week 3 - An 80% improvement of my skin. My face was still a little red, but almost no bumps. I must admit that I did cheat a bit on the diet, such as eating about 25 carbs more than I should have per day.

Week 4 -A 80-90% improvement of my skin. Less red, almost no bumps. Unbelievable results and a tremendous increase in my self-esteem in knowing that I have control over my flare-ups. Also, I noticed that when flushing occured (such as after working out in the gym or facing the cold wind), the flushing would only persist for a matter of a couple of hours and not evolve into a flare-up. I have also eaten many types of cheese and spicy salami (foods that I once presummed to be culprits), and there was no reaction.

I encouarge anyone to email me with questions. Im a firm believer in Brady's theory, as well as a devout Christian who prayed to God for a solution. And He answered my prayer.

Mike Caparrelli,

Review #16

fellow220 says,".....and by the way man your 101 is a great book which i love as my rosacea reference." See Post #6 January 18, 2012














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